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Welcome to Citizen’s Rights Organisation (CRO)– Justice for All

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Lion.M. Saravanan, MBA.,MA., LLB            M Balaji                            A K Bhuvaneswari, MA., M.Phil
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        CITIZEN’s RIGHTS ORGANISATION (CRO) -Justice for All is registered under Tamil Nadu Socieities Registration Act, 1957. This is an Non-Political,  Non-Profit, Non Governmental Organisation. Registered Office in Chennai.  Our aim is fighting for our Rights of Indian Citizens and making them aware of for their rights and duties provided under the constitution of India. It was established on 2011 and registered on Dec 2013.

         The Association is a non-profit motive organisation with the primary intention of protecting the rights of the Citizens and secure Justice for All. Citizens Rights Organisation shall be open to all Indian Citizens without any distinction of Caste, Creed, Colour , Religion or Sex. Our Organisation to work for National Unity, Integrity, Communal Harmony, Peace and Solidarity among Public at large.

        It’s an non-political and Voluntary Organisation for the promotion and protection of Rights of the Citizens and for the promotion of Peace, Social, Cultural, Educational, Civic, Health measures especially for the benefit of downtrodden people.



Citizen's Rights:


Unity is Strength – is that there is power in team work. People come together and work together towards a common goal there is success.


Everyone has the right to life. Life without Liberty is like a body without Spirit.Right to liberty and personal freedom is another important fundamental right given by the Constitution of India.


Truth never damages a cause that is just..

Follow Traffic Rules

Don't Drink & Dive, Don't use CellPhone while Driving. Wear Healmet in Bike Ride, Wear Seat belt in Four Wheeler Ride.

To Follow

Keep Our City Clean, Donate Blood and Save Many life's, Avoid Corruption.

Kumar, Chennai

The care taken by the company like me is really appreciated, congrats for the future endeavours.